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This stage where you realize that in order to really succeed in business, you CAN’T do everything yourself. The sooner you recognize and embrace this concept, the sooner you will see a jump in your business growth. As an online business owner, it is your responsibility to be educated about the various technologies used to run your business online, but it doesn’t mean you need to be the one implementing these technologies. That’s what the experts are for.

Get educated and hire an expert so you can stay focused on bringing your amazing gifts to the world!


The Experts:

DebBrownClient Retention Plan by Touch Your Client’s Heart

Deb Brown is the founder of Touch Your Client’s Heart.    In her personal assistant business, she consistently made her clients say, “Wow!”  As a result, colleagues started asking her how to do that in their own businesses.  Deb takes great joy in making people feel special.  She understands how to reach people in a very personalized way.  A wife and mother of 5, she has been honing this skill for over 20 years. She has perfected her ability to give the perfect, unexpected gift for birthdays and holidays.  She gets giddy with excitement just anticipating the recipient’s reaction. You can find her on the web at  (Make sure you enter your mailing address on the thank you page to receive a gift in the mail.)

To increase client retention and word of mouth referrals, you need to strategically approach your client appreciation efforts.  For a step-by-step way to do this go to:  For a $10 discount, enter the code turcotte.


Custom Audios by Shann Vander Leek &  Ananga Sivyer

Voice-Feature-Image-REV-900x752Branding is everything. In the over-crowded world of the internet you need to get your message out there loud and clear, you have your website, you have your logo, but does your podcast audio really support your message? 

Our custom audio podcast bumper service can provide you – created by Voice Over talent Shann Vander Leek with music by Ananga Sivyer, your custom podcast music will help you stand out from the crowd.

  • opening and closing messages to promote your podcast or event, complete with a call to action at the end
  • a 20-45 second opening introduction and 20-45 second closing call to action with custom music bed
  • we will produce two unique pieces of music for you to choose from
  • the piece you select will be yours to keep and use however you wish, it will be your property and will never be sold as stock music or used in another customer project
  • your custom audio will be available for you to download in both mp3 and high quality .wav format

Other Podcast, Promotion and Commercial options:

  • Straight read without music
  • Straight read with stock music


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